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TASC State Report Forms

We would like to recognize schools have achieved recognition in Pride & Patriotism, Community Service, DASH (drug, alcohol, safety & health education), Energy & Environment, and Outstanding Student Council.  This document indicates which schools received recognition in each category for the 2016-2017 reporting year.

Congratulations to each award winning school (check here)!  Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

***Forms are verified at the D3 Spring Conference.***

Community Service

Job well done!  District 3 has contributed the following to our local, state, national, and global communities.


Money donated: $511,639.55

Service hours: 82,841.30 (@ minimum wage = $600,599.43)

Value of goods donated: $2,347,508.68


Money donated: $518,883.11

Service hours: 217,591.4 (@ minimum wage = $1,577,537.65)

Value of goods donated: $1,373,926.46

In addition...money, service, and goods donated to mental wellness causes:

Money donated: $100,667.54

Service hours: 51,926 (@ minimum wage = $376,463.50)

Value of goods donated: $100,637.85

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